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Toll Free No.: 1800-22-6006
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Unknown said...

Respected sir/madam

This mail is to inform you that i have to launch a complain against G3 Motors Ltd located in Nerul Navi Mumbai.My problem is the under stated vechile is under warranty so i took my vehicle to G3 Motors Ltd Nerul .My vehicle is facing problem from last few months of key getting stuck so the advisor said me that the lock set needs to be replaced i said him ok proceed with it but at 11 am i received a call from the advisor we will replace the lock set but the vehicle boths the keys i have to submit to G3 Motors Ltd .i said to the advisor in month of february i had lost one key and i had all ready launch a complain to Sanpada Police Station .So the advisor said me thats ok you just provide me the FIR copy which was given to you by the police when you launched the complain I said ok i will bring the copy to your office i reached G3 Motors Ltd at 2 pm and submitted the copy of FIR after that they made me wait till 4pm and they said we cant replace the lockset because we need both the keys .i said them sir key is not with me and it has been lost and the lost case FIR copy has been already submitted to you by me .The person Mr.Ketan Mulik (service advisor )was very rude to me and said its your fault that you have lost the key and we cant replace the lock set .Sir i need your help to resolve my issue and take action against the advisor.Already FIR copy has been submitted to G3 Motors ltd but they are not ready to replace my lock set . This are the word said to me by Mr.ketan Mulik (ek hath de ek hath le).Now let me know is this the way to speak with customer if key would have with me i must have submitted without any hesitation .
The police constable also wants to speak with the head if the people are not ready to help me and i would like to let you for last few monts i used to take my vehicle to G3 Motors Mr Amol used to attain me he used to say we have orded the lock set but i has not came yet .All advisors are fooling me.
i will wait till your reply or else i need to take police to G3 Motors Ltd or place an RTI

Following are the detalis of my vehicle :
Owner's Name : Deepak Dagdu Kharat.
Purchase Date :12th feb 2010
Req no:MH 43 AB 2634
CONTACT NO: 8082516323

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